Setting Up To Use The .NET Wrappers

First you have to configure your machine (i.e. download all the required software). Then for each project you use it in you have to add two or more references.

Machine Setup

  1. Download the wrappers and the matching ROOT distro.
  2. Unpack and install ROOT - follow the instructions on the ROOT install page.
  3. Download the wrappers and unzip them into a convenient directory.

And you're ready!

Project Setup

You'll have to do these steps for each project. They are the usual things you do when you want to access a new set of components.

  1. Add a new reference to your project. Add the ROOT libraries you'll be accessing (for example, libCore).
  2. Always add the WrapperPlumbingLibrary. This contains some of the base code for everything.

Now you are ready. You can add a using statement (or the equivalent) to bring everything in the ROOTNET::Interface (or ROOTNET) namespace into your global namespace, however your programming style matches! Just remember that any method that returns a ROOT object will actually return the Interface (for example, NTFile::Get). You can use it or caste to an object as you prefer.